When the chemistry is right …

Barberellas Quartet was formed in the spring of 2000 because our bass, Anna Särnefält, just had become the director of Malmö Limelight Chorus and wanted to keep singing even when stepping of the risers. During the spring of 2002, Lovisa Brännland took over as baritone as Karin Lago Nidsjö was moving to Stockholm, and Philippa Salomonsson took over as lead in 2009 when Helena Teschner Ringsborg left the quartet. Our tenor is Anja Lindstedt, nowadays singing in the Pearls of the Sound Chorus.

Some not-so well known facts about us: Barberellas Quartet is now composed of four chemical engineers. Two of us work in the life science business, and the other two work in the food business.

Why the name Barberellas? Well, sometimes we regret it as our name is often misspelled as Barbarellas instead. We have also been called Beerberellas on one occasion, when we were singing for a society of beer lovers. Barber for barbershop, that was our idea … and then we also like Ella Fitzgerald a lot, so why not Barberellas?