Young Women in Harmony

Young Women In Harmony teaches emerging voices the skills, joy and rewards of performing and singing four-part harmony, barbershop style... Young Women in Harmony delivers both musical excellence and education while it gives young women a taste of show business. This program provides educational tools to teach young women singers the joy of performing this American vocal music art form.

A free package is available to get you started containing:

  • Educator’s guide & songbook: How to teach the barbershop style for young women, including the songs in the book voiced for young singers.
  • Arrangement list: A list of additional barbershop arrangements voiced for young women.
  • DVD: A short presentation by Young Women in Harmony quartets and choruses demonstrating the versatility and excitement of this art form.
  • Learning CDs: each voice part and a four-part mix to facilitate learning the music.

Contact Sweet Adelines International Education Department for your free Young Women In Harmony packet.

For more information on YWIH contact our Regional YWIH Coordinator (RYC) or visit the SAI web site.

In Nordic Light Region there are currently two actuve YWIH choruses: TelgeCoolTones in Södertälje and Larssons Frisersalong in Lund.

Young Women in Harmony Activities

Every year several activities for YWIH are organized around the region and the world. Here you can watch a performance finalizing an international YWIH-festival arranged by SAI 2009.

Young Women in Harmony Competitions

To encourage young women age 25 and under to develop mastery of their singing technique and to experience the thrill of performing four-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop style, Sweet Adelines International sponsors two competitions for youth ensembles. Membership in the organization is not required to participate.

Rising Star Quartet Contest

Quartets where all members are younger than 25 years can compete in Rising Star Quartet Contest which is held at Sweet Adelines International Convention. The Young Singers Foundation awards cash prizes of $2,000, $1,000, and $500 for the first, second, and third place winners of the Rising Star Quartet Contest. No qualification is needed.

As an exaple you can watch the winning performance of Luminous in 2007.

SAI has developed material with competition exaples to educate coaches for young quartets. Contact our Regional YWIH Coordinator if you are interedted in the Rising Star Competition Level CD 2008.