Regional Convention

Members are entitled to compete each year at regional convention. Choruses and quartets compete with songs that show off the skills they have worked on and polished for quite some time, and are ready to share with the region. Competition is an important part of what we do. Together with education it inspires us to grow and meet challenges, and to prepare to become the best we can be at the moment, so that we can share it with our peers at our regional and international conventions, as wellNordicMix – joint convention 2018 in Karlstad

The winners qualify for international convention. Winning quartets qualify for the fall the same year, and choruses qualify for the year after. Our region has done very well at international conventions with several choruses in the top-10, international champions in the small size category, and three Queens of Harmony (winning international quartets) through the years.

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NordicMix 2018

It’s happening 2018! There will be a joint barbershop convention; both SNOBS and NLR on the same stage, at the same party! At NordicMix website for SNOBS and Nordic Light Region you can find all the information.