Nordic Light Region at International in Las Vegas = success!

Vimmel, show mm Photographer: Dick Gillberg

The week in Las Vegas was so full of fantastic impressions: sound – music – expression and showmanship was just pouring at us in an endless stream.

Shining Malmö Limelight and their performance – what a thrill! Such great music, what a story and that visual surprise of the bi-colored sequins – it did not leave any in the audience untouched. The pride and the glory after the high scores and gold medal – well done is an understatement…NLR is so proud of you!

RING Quartet – well – with the fact that the bass lost her voice to an infection some days before the semifinals sort of blurred the performance – but – it was still a great experience and joy to just be part of it all. And the continuing support from NLR – thank you – it meant the world to us!

Beautiful Stockholm City Voices – continuing to push the boundaries and walk new paths with innovative stories and music! Both the semifinals and the finals package just astounded us. To make top 10 – again – just sayin´- keep ringing these chords for us and keep taking us to new places we did not exist before – please! NLR is taking a big bow for you!

Amazing Rönninge Show Chorus – without doubt the superstar of the whole convention. To see the strings be used at the Coronet Club Show, or the songs that sort of belong to you be performed by others due to huge inspiration was such a joy. The swan set – well – certainly it will go down to history as the coolest thing ever produced in SAI… In addition, the educational class on Friday morning – so professional, so full of fantastic tools and given with such a love and energy and that the crowd just lifted. NLR is
shining due to you! For this we thank you!


Kristina Lejon, extremely proud DC of NLR,
Master Director of Snowflake Singers and baritone in RING Quartet