Milli Blink

Vimmel, show mm Photographer: Dick Gillberg

What and who are Milli Blink to begin with? At first sight you could say that Milli Blink is probably the tallest female quartet in the world over the years. The group was formed in May 2013, in a stone house in Huddinge. The recipe for the group is two pinches of Salt, one bailer of Remix and a tablespoon of Rönninge Show Chorus. The combined barbershop experience of the quartet amounts to at least a lifetime and then some more.

The basic feeling in Milli Blink is; If it is correct it is easy AND if it is easy it is fun! We probably laugh as much as we sing and that is good exercise for the breath support if nothing else. At the Nordic Convention in Karlstad 2014 we won and will now be one of the singing groups representing NLR at the international competitions in Baltimore. A role we are extremely proud of and look forward to with jittery anticipation.

And finally, about the name; Milli Blink. What does it mean actually? Yea, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it. We simply think it sounds and looks good and suits us very well with all those tall letters.

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Tenor: Hillevi Billinger
Lead: Annika Krook
Baritone: Maria Fabiansson
Bass: Susanna E. Berndts