Nordic Mix – Webcast script


Hi everyone!

Contest-week is fast approaching and our various teams are working very hard to make this weekend the best possible one! There are circa 70 (!) groups crossing the stage in two weeks!!

As you are hopefully aware, the entire weekend will be webcasted. The webcast-team would like you to share some facts about your group so we can give the people tuning in from around the globe an opportunity to get to know you a little just before you hit the stage.

Please follow the link below and answer the questionaire. There are five forms; female choruses, male choruses, female quartets, male quartets, and mixed quartets, make sure you fill out the right one!! ?

DEADLINE is Wednesday may 9th 15.00 CEST

All the best and see you soon!

In Harmony,

Tesla Neidenmark and The Webcast Team