All over our region there are knowledgeable and inspirational women, who help with education in our region. Regional Faculty are be appointed Regional teachers, coaches, and mentors skilled in the musical, vocal, visual and administrative aspects of our craft. They assist our Region's choruses, quartets, and individual singers in becoming better performers and leaders.

Sweet Adelines International appoints International Faculty. They teach at international educational events and can often be booked for coaching. For directory, please go to Sweet Adelines International website. We are honored to have two of our members being certified International Faculty; Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl and Mari Pettersson.
Britt-Heléne is also Master Faculty in Sweet Adelines International.

International / Regional Faculty

Teaching and coaching is done in areas like Barbershop knowledge, Vocal Skills, Performance skills, Administration and Leadership. Each area contains several different areas of specialties. Each faculty member have their own specialties. This page offers only an overview of areas of expertise. For details on specific areas of teaching or coaching, please contact the individual faculty members directly.

Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl

Regional, International and Master Faculty
Rönninge Show Chorus

+46 70 6591715

Will coach and teach: All who wants to make progress! Vocal production, communication, leadership and mental training.

Mari Pettersson

Regional and International Faculty
Harmony Heights Chorus

+46 72 717 08 97

Sound and Expression. Leadership and communication. Team-building. Presentation skills. Powerpoint.

Ann-Louise Blixt

Regional Faculty
Chapter at Large

+46 739 31 51 50

Chord analysis, what is barbershop? Character - a way to get more unity, levels and judging.

Annika Dellås

Regional Faculty
Rönninge Show Chorus

+46 727 00 43 43

Leadership and communication, team, to build an organization and handle changes, how to give feed-back.

Eva Gullberg

Regional Faculty
Rönninge Show Chorus

+46 768 49 40 35

Communication, leadership, vocal production, vocal warm-ups, Vision - goals and goal visualizing.

Johanna Ottosson

Regional Faculty
Gothia Show Chorus

+46 730 880 600

Leadership, organization, Neuro‐Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.

Jeanette Gellervik

Regional Faculty
Chapter at Large

+46 707 97 97 90

Song technics, Interpretation, Educational methodology for coaches, coaching.

Jessica Boll

Regional Faculty
Alba Show Chorus

+46 704 46 85 96

The year for a chorus treasurer, budget, long term planning, by-laws.

Tindra Thor

Regional Faculty
Stockholm City Voices

+46 706 64 29 44

Bases her work on the concept of "aesthetic communication" and focuses on multiple sensorial impact and delivery.

Although specilizing in visual performance, Tindra works with the performance as a whole and tries to melt together different senses and sensorial modalities, such as vision, audition, touch, kinesthetics, vibration, etc., in both the production and the consumption of the artistic product.

Viveka Boettge

Regional Faculty
Stockholm City Voices

+46 760 51 81 57

Viveka coaches all aspects of performing, based on the needs and level of the group or individual:

Vocal production - to discover the potential in your natural voice through healthy singing.

Sound - barbershop expanded sound, as well as artistic nouances using sound and colour for expression of the art.

Expression and embellishments - how to craft the lyrical message and utilize embellishments in the arrangement for emotional impact.

Rhythm and syncronization - discover how to have a unified approach to tempo, rhythm and groove.

Honest and unified delivery in visual expression - how can you use the choreography to enhance the musical experience.

She also coaches and teaches classes on Sectional Unit Sound, leadership, teambuilding, basic music theory etc.

Åse Hagerman

Regiona Faculty
Chapter at Large

+46 70 797 81 79

Vocal production with the body, breathing technique, resonance, articulation and the creation of unity. Interpretation in phrasing, tempo, sync and dynamics. Expression and self confidence in the body language, face and eyes.