Regional Management Team

The Regional Management Team is leading the regional work. The arrangements for the Regional Convention is delegated to the Convention Committee and webteam is responsible for updating the website. There are also some other positions which have the responsibility for different things. More detailed information about positions in RMT.

Yvonne Brinck / Rönninge Show Chorus

Communications Coordinator (COC) - 1 May 2018

Maintains communication with the international organization. Is responsible for recording and preparing minutes of all meetings of the RMT and distribution to the region. Is responsible for regional Web site and the regional leadership database. Appointed by the RMT.

Mariann Eriksson / Västerås Show Chorus

Education Coordinator (ED) - 1 May 2018

Develops, coordinates, and monitors regional educational programs for choruses, quartets, coaches, faculty and arrangers, in conjunction with other coordinators. In charge of Young Women in Harmony and organizes chorus visits by regional faculty. Appointed by SAI.

Anette Johnsson / Rönninge Show Chorus

Membership Coordinator (MEC) - 1 May 2018

Represents the interests of chapter management and membership on the RMT. Communicates president/team leader and chapter needs and issues to the RMT. Elected by the choruses/members.

Annika Dellås / Rönninge Show Chorus

Team Coordinator (TC) - 1 May 2018

Facilitates the meetings of the Regional Management Team. Coordinates the agenda for Regional Management Team meetings with input from other team members. Reviews regional standing rules and job descriptions. Maintains the region’s long-range plan document. Maintains the regional calendar. Appointed by the RMT.

Kristina Lejon / Snowflake Singers

Directors´ Coordinator (DC) - 1 May 2019

Represents the interests of the regional directors on the RMT. Appointed by the Directors of the regional choruses.

Kerstin Brindbergs / Rönninge Show Chorus

Events Coordinator (EVC) - 1 May 2019

Facilitates the securing of appropriate venues for regional programs and events, including site inspections and negotiation of contracts. Coordinates on-site arrangements for all regional meetings and events, including regional competitions. Work closely with the Education coordinator. Responsible for communications with the Convention committee. Appointed by the RMT.

Florentina Harko / Harmony Heights

Finance Coordinator (FC) - 1 May 2019

Coordinates the financial long- and short range plans in conjunction with other team coordinators. Prepares and submits the annual budget for the region. Appointed by the RMT. Blankett för kostnadsersättning

Heli Hemgård / Lady Shave Porvoo Chorus

Marketing Coordinator (MKC) - 1 May 2019

Works with membership and media issues. Develops and provides marketing and public relations programs that promote chapter and regional events, and membership growth and retention. Plans and implements marketing and public relations programs to increase membership growth and retention. Appointed by the RMT.