Sunlight Chorus

Sunlight Chorus – an absolutely shining choir!
Sunlight Chorus is an all female show and barbershop choir, consisting of 40 brilliant singers with a luminous charisma, warmth and moxie!
We use our voices in a four-part a cappella combined with choreography to give our audience that extra spark.

The repertoire is mixed with some modern pop, soul, rock and of course barbershop. Also a part of our repertoire are Christmas carols, songs dedicated to spring and other traditional pieces from Sweden.

Formed in 1984 by Åse Hagerman, Sunlight Chorus is one of the oldest all female barbershop choirs in Sweden. Since 1986 we have been competing in barbershop and in 1999 we gained our biggest success as we became the runner up in the World Championship held in Atlanta. At that time we consisted of 120 members.

Our Director
Since 2011 our Choirmaster and Director is Veronica Johansson. Besides being an excellent and eminent director, she is also a brilliant singer who has been a part of Sunlight Chorus for many years before taking on the responsibility of becoming our director. Veronica is very inspiring and enthusiastic, she has a huge heart and spreads a lot of positive and awesome energy to not only the choir but also the audience.

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