Telge Harmony Chorus

Telge Harmony Chorus

We are the first female barbershop chorus in the north!

The year was 1975 when it all started in Södertälje south of Stockholm, and barbershop for women now existed in our country!

After a break of a few years, we have again chartered in May 2016 to be proud members of Sweet Adelines.

We are a small chorus which would like to expand and develop. So if you are interested in joining us, please let us know!
If you already sing in a chorus, but think that it would be exciting to sing with us too, you are more than welcome to Telge Harmony.

We have an exclusive offer if you wan’t to be our dual member, contact us and we tell you more and a special dual membership can be custom for you.

We sing on Mondays 6.40pm – 9.15pm in Södertälje, Nyköpingsvägen 20, near the train station.

Upcoming event: All rehearsals nights are open to visit!

Contact us: telgeharmonyc(a)

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