Kvartetter Photographer: Dick Gillberg

Twist – four great friends who love to sing and laugh together.

Twist originated from, and are a part of, Stockholm City Voices, one of the most successful a cappella groups in the world. We have been singing together since 2009 and have developed a broad repertoire; from cool jazz standards to folksongs and pop, for example Lisa Nilsson, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Beatles and Avicii.

We have competed regionally every year since 2010, and once at International (wild card in 2016).

Please visit us at or find us on Facebook: Twist Quartet

Tenor: Rosie “Kalle” Westholm
Lead: Tindra Thor
Baritone: Elin Marklund
Bass: Viveka Boettge

Stockholm City Voices