EBC – a weekend of golden sun

Kšrer Photographer: Dick Gillberg

This time the European Barbershop Convention was held in Bournemouth, England, organized by LABBS, the Ladies Association of British Barbershop
Singers. The event was very well planned and almost perfect scheduled. There were some small delays, but still impressing when having in mind there were four
convention days, with almost 100 contestant groups on stage!

Harmony Bells was one of two choruses from the Nordic Light Region, the other was Alba Show Chorus. We also had two quartets to cheer, Vocality  and Fource, and six mixed quartets representing NLR or SNOBS. The Swedish flag was waving all the time in the arena and all the Nordic representatives filled  our hearts with proud – the Nordic singers are good!

Bournemouth showed from its best. We got some late summer feelings walking around this beautiful town, warmed by the sun. It couldn’t have been better!

As we went use to during last EBC, in Holland, it was possible to hang in the bar between performances and make good memories together with other barbershoppers from around Europe. That’s the best thing with these conventions! 😉

Compared to Holland we missed the great food, the many different bars to hang in and the disco night at the Saturday Night afterglow. Hopefully it will come back the next time – in 2021. We would love to be there and dance – will you?


Alba Show Chorus, NLR, nr 5 – with great points
(Farsta) Harmony Bell Chorus, NLR, nr 8 – we’re proud, too.

Zero 8, SNOBS, nr 1!
The Entertainmen, SNOBS, nr 2!
Helsingvoice, SNOBS, nr 4

Vocality, NLR, nr 2!
Fource, NLR, nr 5

Backbeat, SNOBS, nr 3!
IFK, SNOBS, nr 5
Spirit, SNOBS, nr 8

Potential Scandal, Mixed, nr 1!
Pastor Hannes Kör, Mixed, nr 2!
Mayor & The Mayonaisse, Mixed, nr3!
Singoalla, Mixed, nr 4
Fling, Mixed, nr 5
Combo, Mixed, nr 10

Annika Johannesson, Harmony Bells