Helena and Katarina sang together in VOX for ten years, Ann-Louise and Eva in Ambush for five years. These two quartets took turns winning and placing 2nd. Vocality was built the fall 2009 and took the gold 2010 with 639 points, the highest score ever in region 32 at that time.

Tenor: Helena Clifford-Zenk, CAL

Lead: Ann-Louise Svensson, Rönninge Show Chorus

Bari: Katarina Ljung, CAL

Bass: Eva Stahl, Rönninge Show Chorus

Placed at Internationals:

Seattle 2010: 15th

Houston 2011: 9th

Denver 2012: 11th

Honolulu 2013: 12th

Contact: vocalityquartet(a)gmail.com