Welcome to the dazzling world of Nordic barbershop singing - it's all happening perfectly!


About Us

Nordic Light Region is an organization for women singing barbershop in the Nordic countries. With a mind open to change, the music is being developed through education, personal development and public performances.


Nordic Light Region is part of Sweet Adelines International, an independent, nonprofit music education association and one of the world's largest singing organizations for women.

Nordic Light Region

There are 18 choruses of which one is prospective, as well as more than 30 registered quartets, a total of 900 barbershop singers in Nordic Light Region. Welcome to a very special organization that revolves around the joy of singing, one who seeks harmony, an art form that changes women's lives all over the world. Welcome to Nordic Light Region, part of Sweet Adelines International!


If you can sing harmony, you can learn how to sing barbershop. Barbershop is popular in the Nordic countries, with great international successes for both choruses and quartets. Read more


There are countless barbershop events happening throughout the year in Nordic Light Region, hosted by choruses and quartets as well as the region. Read more


Would you like to sing in a chorus and enjoy the barbershop style? Look for a chorus close to you and take the first step to become a Sweet Adeline. Read more


Get familiar with Nordic Light Region's quartets! If you would like to present your NLR-quartet here, please contact the webteam. Read more


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