Do you want to see & listen to some amazing barbershop?

Tickets to the competitions and show of champions are available for those who are not members in Nordic Light Region.

Single events are available via TicketMaster.

Tickets can also be purchased from TicketMaster onsite at KCCC in Karlstad during the convention (Friday 15.30 – 17.30, Saturday 11.30-13.30 and 18.30-20.00)

Quartet competition Friday 250 SEK
Chorus competition Saturday 250 SEK
Show of Champions Saturday 300 SEK
Children 4-12 years half price.
Children 0-3 years have free entrance.

You can print the programme (pdf)!


The whole competition and Show of Champions will be filmed and streamed live.
Price for the whole convention (three events)  is 299 SEK/30 Euro (including also 2017’s competition as a bonus).
To buy the whole Convention webcast:
Price for one event webcast is 139 SEK/14 Euro.
If you buy only one event you will be able to buy 2017 competition for additional price of 40 SEK/4 Euro.

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